Pros and Cons of Becoming a New Mom at 50

  • Children are a joy regardless of mama’s aSAM_1545ge. I mean, really, haven’t we all seen young folks being less than stellar parents, and grandparents doing a great job raising their grandchildren. Parenting isn’t about chronology, it’s about loving, caring, devotion, balance and a million other things that have nothing to do with age.
  • I’ve had a wonderful career, and have no regrets or resentment in closing that chapter of my life. I had always planned on an early retirement from my first career to start a second, so devoting myself to raising my children is perfect. If it feels right later on, I might start my next career.
  • My life experience gives me perspective that I didn’t have ten or twenty years ago.
  • I have more patience at this age.
  • I am financially secure.
  • I am in a good marriage.
  • I am healthy and in decent shape and am even more motivated to keep it up (Caveat: although in decent shape, there’s no denying that my collagen “has left the building”. So, the good news is that I probably worry less about unrecoverable post-baby-body droop because it was already happening anyway, if you know what I mean.).
  • I am a better, more comfortable cook.
  • It’s kind of righteous helping to break down ageist preconceptions.
  • My mom is not here to love these babes.
  • Sore joints – When I’m on the floor, playing with the babes, it takes a lot more effort to get back up than it did ten or twenty years ago.
  • People sometimes think I’m grandma, but it’s rare.
  • I won’t be around to share as many years of my babes’ lives, so I’ve got to make sure they grow up loved and independent.
  • This was not a do-it-yourself project, i.e., lots of time and money at the fertility clinic.
  • Hot flashes while changing diapers
  • I’m not a techie which will have to change if I am to understand my children and their world.
  • I don’t seem to have a built-in peer group – still trying to figure out that situation. The strangers most likely to be kind to me when I’m out and about with the babes are women around my mother’s age. Other mothers with young children are the worst. It’s interesting.
Pro & Con:
  • Increased incidence of twins – This is good and bad all at the same time. Because this was probably going to be my only pregnancy, having twins was a dream come true. I got a two-fer! Unfortunately, regardless of mama’s age, twin pregnancies are always high risk and often result in premature birth.