Perfect NYC

My god, I love New York City. Madame L. and I just got back from a perfect week together there. At some point in our long, lovely friendship, we discovered that in NYC, we were each other’s best travel companions. Our interests, temperaments and stamina are similar enough to allow us to do exactly what we want to do –no more, no less – without conflict. We are fashion/art/textile/décor oriented, and we adore Central Park. These are the things around which our trip revolves. We usually

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland

add some new destinations and set others aside every time we go, so it’s never exactly the same – but – we always, always go to Bergdorf Goodman. We tingle with anticipation on our first morning in NYC, showered, dressed and coffee’d up we walk toward our sweetheart. As we approach the corner of 58th and Fifth our pace slows a little. The first

Window at BG

glimpse of the windows is always thrilling, and never disappoints. The displays are inspiring.


Being sensible people, we know how to shop NYC within our means. For us, 5F is the sweet spot. We may dabble in the shoes on other floors, and check out the Stiletto nail colour down in Beauty, but our best fun is found on 5F. I will say that finding the right sales person is critical to success! However, there are always many RagandBonewomen and men to Red Blousechoose from, most of them terrific. The ones who get our vibe put us into the same dressing room, bring us water and leave us, for the most part, alone. We try things on; we laugh; we lament, but we never lie. If something is not flattering, we say so with love and kindness. When the choices have been made and the credit card is smoldering, it’s time for lunch. Tea sandwiches at Good Dish on the Beauty level. Mmmmmm. It jIMG_0075ust doesn’t get any better than that.

Some of our other NYC go-to’s are:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Costume Institute Installation

The Cooper Hewett

Kips Bay Decorator Show House

ABC Carpet

Mood fabric

M&J Trimming



Café Sabarsky in the Neue Gallery


Caffe Grazie


The Mall in Central Park