What’s on this site?

Well, so far I’ve been working on:

  • a few articles about what’s on my mind – becoming a new mom at 50, staying stylish;
  • my collection of recipes and suggested dreamy combos for dinner;
  • blood, sweat and tears decorating projects.

Why the name?

My mother always told me to “just be yourself”. She was such a great mom, so loving and fun, that the weight of that guidance didn’t really resonate with me until recently. It sounded simple, like one of those things anyone’s mom would say to make a kid feel better about something that went wrong that day, but it ended up being a foundational element of my life. Growing up with that message impacted who I am today by helping me walk my own path instead of doing what was expected. I have always had an eclectic group of friends. In college, I switched universities, then switched back, and switched majors in the process. I chose an unusual career in, what was at the time, a “man’s” field, yet I retained my love of needlework, sometimes viewed by other “career gals” as being old fashioned and, potentially unprofessional. Mom’s guidance gave me strength to fight for what I knew was right when corporate culture pressured the other way, and strength to have babies when all my peers were looking forward to their empty nests. I think that as our society becomes more homogenized by television and the internet, this message will be even more powerful for my children than it was for me.

What’s up with those crappy photos?

I used to kid with my friends that it should be illegal for me to own a camera because I take such horrid pictures. I’m hoping that the photographs on this website improve over time as I become more practiced. I think I have interesting things to share, so I hope you’ll stick with me.